Monday, February 6, 2017

This Week Sucked

Fred's baptism February 4, 2017.

KIDDING!  IT WAS THE BEST WEEK but I just figured you would actually read it if I put "this week sucked" instead of "greatest week of my life". I do have a few tales to tell and a few things to say this week. Tune in, buckle down, pop some popcorn.  Weekly synopsis - Baptism of Fred Manlulu, transfer week, companionship inventory, interviews with President, zone conferences, mega miracles, mini miracles, Red Robin finding ASL referrals, raining all day literally all day, a couple tests of faith, best life someone could live, hair flow is flowing back again, Elder Pabst & I have a farting device that makes fart sounds and in lessons (with people we know very well) we will prank them.   YEAH IMMATURE you think? But, it does provide a good laugh when people are downtrodden.  Okay, 1st:  BAPTISM OF FRED!  We found Fred 3 or 4 months ago smoking some cigarettes outside in front of his apartment.  We figured he was just a nice Philipino man that agreed with everything we said because he was just nice.  We brushed it off a little bit because we are doubters sometimes.  We figured if we were in the proximity of Fred’s home we would stop by to visit.  A month went by and we happened to be in the area... we knocked and Fred let us in, sat us down, got us some water and told us he wants to be baptized.  We started teaching him and he showed up to church.   We kept teaching him and he quit smoking.  He stopped drinking coffee and then he gained a testimony. He said he would never miss church as long as he lives!  He started playing basketball with the ward team.  Fred may be the most humble man I have ever met.  Except Maybe My Dad (kidding he thinks he is good at everything).  Fred bore his testimony at his baptism and brought half the crowd to tears.  He invited his mom and she came!  She lives in the Philippines.  Fred is a miracle of a man changing his life and being converted to the Savior.  He committed to living the gospel and then he discovered his testimony.  He is also the master of the no-look basketball pass - even when he could clearly just look at you.  Did you know Philipinos have awesome style?!  He gets these very stylish ties in the Philippines for 1 dollar.  We planned a trip to go back to his land -of -origin and buy all the coolest ties.  We went to Red Robin to celebrate his baptism and found a group of ASL precious souls. Luckily, the ASL missionaries had gifted us with a sweet video we can show to anyone we meet that speaks ASL.  We did, they saw, we came, and we conquered. Next miracle, A REAL SIMPLE PROCESS. I troubled myself with a few questions concerning going home to the lone and dreary wilderness we call real life.  Prayer added with study added with the help of my priesthood leader proved to bring the results I desired.  What I mean by that is, I decided to ask my mission President in an interview what to do and I thought I saw the Savior sitting across from me.  I thought I heard the Savior’s voice, except he was disguised as a Canadian 60 year old whom has become my best friend.  My mission president stood in place of the Savior to give me the counsel I needed.  I would encourage you to speak with your own priesthood leader, even if he is Canadian.  Finally,  I would like to say a few words concerning the New England Patriots and the Superbowl.  I did not watch the game.  I only hoped with all my heart God would grant the best team the victory.  This prayer was answered with a blessing upon the head of Tom Brady.  I happened to be teaching a man who was watching the game when it went into OT.  You are blessed for serving a mission.  Just trust me.  Another thing I would like to say...concerning faith.  I really don't know WHO needs this or who will listen.  But you ought to know something about my life.  I always had a feeling Jesus Christ restored His gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith.  I never really KNEW it was true until I committed 100% to living the commandments and trying it out for myself.  When I did, and when I submitted to someone ELSE’S will (God) concerning myself, I felt a spiritual witness that the gospel had indeed been restored through Joseph Smith.  This has kept my faith firm through trials.  Commitment-keeping through the good and the bad will keep you anchored when the storms of life approach, because they will. Preaching is now over. I just love the Lord.  He is so good to me.  He will never let you down.  He knows best.  He forgives me every time I mess up.  I was so happy to see Fred get baptized that I did a heel click after the baptism.  Check out the pic.
Heel-clicking after the baptism!

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