Monday, February 13, 2017

Miracle Mania

P-Day Gang!
Ahhhhh the work is so good.  The work is so dang good.  I usually just want to crack a funny joke to get into my email but I'm just feeling beyond grateful for the good week.  My stomach is full and my heart is full because we fasted and then to break the fast we may or may not have eaten our whole body weight in Mongolian food.  (Which is really good and makes me feel like Ghengis Khan).  Miracle moment #1:  A week ago we traveled to a distant land (a new apartment complex) and we felt for the first time in 6 months that we should knock a door or two in the scariest complex in the area.  GUESS WHAT?  It was remodeled last week and now the apartments look presentable.  We knocked many doors... JUST BEFORE WE THOUGHT TO LEAVE we had the feeling to knock on one more door.  A man opened the door and hid behind the door! He told us he was in his underwear and couldn't visit with us now... but his wife has been pestering him about finding a church.  He said we could come back during the day sometime.  When we left, we knew something there was different besides the fact he didn't have pants on.  In accordance with the feeling we returned back in another week.  He opened the door and let us in immediately!  We sat down and figured out that he just moved here from North Carolina and is looking for a church.  He prayed recently to have success in his marriage and received an answer.  He came to church the next day!  YEP!  He accepted an invite to baptism on March 11th.  His only kid turns 1 on March 11th.  We had no idea until after we prayed and invited him to baptism.  We recruited every active member of the ward to pray for this man and his family.  We invited them to pray for this family that they would have a wonderful time at church and feel welcome.  We knew we needed it and on Sunday we prayed probably 6 or 7 more times and with all that accumulated prayer... it worked.  They texted us after church saying "thank you for knocking on the door... we loved church".  The last thing they said to us before they left the church building was "we will see you next week".  I think I will share with you one more miracle moment. You remember Austin Reid from a couple weeks ago?  He was recently baptized and I was able to baptize him.  He was asked just this last week to baptize someone else in his ward.  He was actually praying "to know Gods will for him and to be able to do it". Within the same week, he was asked to bless the sacrament for the first time, say a prayer over the pulpit in sacrament for the first time and to BAPTIZE someone else within a month of being baptized himself.  We also sat with him for 30 minutes after church because he also fulfills his calling as a ward missionary. Have you ever felt so happy, so good?  Kind of like you inserted a syringe full of icy hot cream and injected it into your heart?  I've felt that all week I've just been ready to burst.  Even typing now feels icy hurt burnage in my soul.  The work is true. Things like this do not happen randomly.  God would not lead us to precious souls like this and provide a way for them if this church wasn't the exact church to bring them fulfillment and eternal life. God would not lead them in this way for less than eternal life.  I think my companion & I are going to go and buy 1970s suits from Goodwill DI store and grab some groceries from Winco before we run around like maniacs for p - day.  If you are thinking about serving a mission...stop thinking.  Just go.  This is your answer - just go.  You will find what you need and what God wants for you.

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