Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference Greatness

Elder Andrew's farewell dinner at Red Lobster.

WHAT. A. GREAT. WEEK.  Between sessions of conference, Mongolian grill food & fiber pills it has been a week to remember. We were able to watch all sessions of conference with a member of our ward or an investigator which was awesome.  Not the same as Momma King’s conference morning pancakes & eggs, but the church is still true pancakes or not.  Let's talk fiber pills.  My companion introduced to me an amazing new invention... Pills jam packed with fiber material and laced with spiritual joy.  Needless to say my companion & I have been making periodic stops to the church building to interrupt some of our proselyting.  You may ask... Why in the wide wide world of sports would a couple of young missionaries take fiber pills?!  I ask you... Have you ever eaten out almost every single day for 4 months straight?  The kind YSA members sign up to take us out each week & we cannot deny them blessings nor deny our stomachs cravings.  If you're in need, please get yourself some fiber pills.  Okay now for something a little more important.  Let's talk general conference and how cool it was to have one of our investigators there. Skat (it is pronounced Scott) is from Cambodia and is investigating the church. He struggles to speak English at times but the spirit speaks to everyone the same.  Luckily, we have been given seer stones to help us translate his speaking. Actually, as long as we have the spirit the lessons are great.  Skat came to watch general conference at the church building this weekend, and the poor guy worked until 3:30 in the morning. But nonetheless he showed up at 1'oclock to watch conference with us. He fell asleep about 10 minutes in!  He awoke and told us he had to leave and darted out the door... We were a little sad. We had no Red Bull on hand to spare for him.  About 30 minutes later Elder Sander’s back started hurting, and so we went to the foyer to have him lay down and relieve some tension (perhaps caused by the many bowel movements due to the fiber pills) and we found Skat laying on the couch fast asleep!!! We thought for sure hehad left, but he was just in the foyer snoozing.  He woke up right when Elder Holland started speaking and listened to his talk.  Although he may not have understood any of the words Elder Holland spoke, he said it was "awesome" and when we taught him about the Word of Wisdom he said that was "awesome" too.  We had been praying all week for a miracle to have Skat come to church so he could be baptized on the 16th of this month. God is good. My favorite missionary friend left for home this week.  I miss him already. We enjoyed our last Red Lobster
outing together, where we consumed far beyond the recommended amount of cheddar bay biscuits.  Elder Andrew was one of the best Elders I have ever known.  We will return to Washington together someday and find sasquatch. By the way, the talks this weekend in conference SOOTHED MY SOUL.  I think it was a really spiritual moment for me when President Uchtdorf mentioned Chewbacca in his talk.  I really can testify I felt a witness through the spirit of God that the words they spoke this weekend were true.  Can't wait to get a chance to watch / listen to them over again.  We really are incredibly blessed to have the guidance from them.  Overall, it was the next best week of my mission so far.  Excited for another one.

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