Monday, April 25, 2016

Van Beast

FHE "squatch" chalk drawing activity

Okay now the reason I put this as the subject title is because it rhymes with Van East which is our new zone.  This week was one of the greatest. A new car was granted unto us, 3 new investigators to invite to baptism and I live in a mansion with WWII picture books.  Plus…today Walmart had shorts that say USA on them as well.  Cool miracles of the week #1:  We simply showed up at church and talked with a kid named Ty who is investigating the church.  He is dating one of the members of our ward and we scheduled a time to come over for a lesson today.  The lesson went very well we taught the plan of salvation and brought up baptism and He explained that he has been thinking about being baptized into the LDS church.  This was joyful news and we set a date for his baptism.  He said he has received a witness from God that this is his path.  The coolest part of this baptism was the fact that we worked all week and committed to talking to as many people as we physically could, and then a “goldie” showed up right at church!  Miracle that was cool #2:  We started off this Sunday by going to church and talking with Ty before we hit the streets later that day.  We struggled finding people that would listen... this happens often!  But this time we felt impressed to take a moment break and reassess our efforts.  We decided to try the less active member list and started with the ones in the apartment complex we were working in.  The first stop by we made was a less active member that wants to feed us next  week! They simply work on Sunday's, that’s why they can’t attend church,   and they treated us like we were long lost friends.  A little tender mercy after some hard work.  The Fisher’s Landing Ward is a dream come true.  Many newly- weds that  just graduated from BYU, that love missionary work.  Tons of homes and tons of people all condensed close together in our little area.  Most of these people have no backyards.  I live in a mansion, probably the biggest home in Vancouver! Old man Jens built a house for his wife before she passed away. We live in the left wing of the house and partake of his many stores of food and his jolly countenance .  Tons of miracles, but today we have been trying to get a new car, clean the place and fix old man Jen’s AOL account.  Last night at about 4:30 AM we got a knock on our door to go cast out a devil from the neighbor’s wife.  Yes, it was success, but it freaked us out for sure.  Thank the heavens for the priesthood power to keep us safe.

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