Monday, April 18, 2016

See Ya Later YSA!

Elder King and his new companion, Elder Matthews.

I have been kicked out of the YSA due to excess swooning and consuming of the church supplied foods & beverages.  The bishop of the ward has requested an emergency transfer because apparently he feels it is a distraction for the ward to have me at church with combed hair & a pair of clean slacks on.  Actually, I just got transferred to another area. My YSA life has come to a close for now!  Still one YSA left I would like to aspire for. For now, I shall serve in the Fisher’s Landing ward in the Vancouver East Stake.  It is only 5 minutes from where I now live.  My new companion will be a potato picking, farm hand from Idaho, who will teach me the art of roping and wrangling.  Perhaps in the future, I will move to John JARVEY (Mom, Dad and the family should understand that one).  Elder Matthews is his name BTW. I will have you know in truth, YSA areas are a dream life for missionaries and if you have never served in a YSA ward you should try it. It has been a fantastic week full of miracles.  Let's talk miracle number one.  It would definitely be the Lord’s mindfulness of my situation.  Do you ever have those weeks or even consecutive weeks where it feels like you HAVE JUST HIT A ROADBLOCK?  Something just doesn't seem right.  Your oatmeal in the morning doesn't taste as good... Your hair doesn't flow correctly with the wind... You KNOW what I'm saying? Well I am usually too dumb to ask the Lord how I should change or what I can do to fix this "funk".  But for some reason this time, my brain must have grown a few times its normal size.  I asked the Lord for guidance and he delivered.  Let me tell you what... Sometimes we just act like our problems are so big and terrible, when it's almost like holding a pebble close to your eye.  It seems big because you’re holding it there and making it a big deal.  Throw the pebble elsewhere! You’ll discover what you thought was a big problem, is no so big after all.  Life is great and good.  There are souls to find and save in Vancouver.  Pepsi to drink!! After asking the Lord for help, I was blessed with tender mercies that only God could provide.  "Ask and ye shall receive".  Now this next miracle surely is a great one.  At FHE this past Monday we had the monthly potluck meal.  We showed up on missionary standard time, about 15 minutes late, and hopped in line next to some people we had never met.  I talked with a young man for about 10 minutes discussing which grub we should partake of and then we decided to sit down together and enjoy the potluck feast together.  He then expressed concern about the ward and his personal testimony.  A “golden opportunity.”  We walked in at the exact same time to begin talking and it was an opportunity to teach and help someone else.  He wanted to have a lesson after our feast and I am so grateful the Lord allowed us to be an instrument that evening.  This week at least  5 people talked to me about Donald Trump and 2 people asked us about Polygamy and  garments.  Overall, a pretty great WEEK!   I really do believe in this Church.  I know it is true I love being in the service of Jesus Christ. 

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