Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Excellence

Happy Easter!

Easter weekend has arrived and left just like that.  I refrained from Cadbury eggs to the best of my ability and ate many carrots instead to be like the Easter Bunny.  My companion & I were blessed with many miracles this week.  Like the sighting of less active members at church + we ate sushi + the work is good. Let's begin this email with talking about how great taking out returned missionaries of the Clark YSA out teaching with us is.  A member of our ward named Gavin said he would come out with us from 10 AM to 4 PM and help with whatever we needed. He went to Brazil on his mission and clearly spoke to many people throughout his two years. We went tracting and he kept inviting people on the doorstep to be baptized.  We then had an amazing lesson with Scott our top investigator.  We had concerns with the Word of Wisdom but those were cleared up REAL QUICK because the spirit told Scott he should just keep the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. He was actually a little bit excited to keep them both surprisingly.  It just makes ya real happy when you tell someone to be happy they need to live the commandments of God and they immediately change to "make God happy".  After the lesson we also went to shake Scotts hand and he just went IN for the hug.   WHAT A PRECIOUS MOMENT.  I was feeling some Cambodian care in that moment & knowing exactly why I am here.  It was one of those weeks where we taught all week long.  Busy busy busy.  Each night driving home we have just been at peace knowing the Lord is directing all this work. OKAY WAY COOL one of our less active members has been living with his girlfriend who is taking the missionary discussions and she committed to a baptismal date.  Her story was way cool she prayed about the date and got the number 37?! But that wouldn't work.  She kept on praying and got the number 27... which would mean she should be baptized on April 27th, which actually happened to be 37 days from the exact date!  Way cool.  And her boyfriend who we are teaching, decided to just up and move out so they can get married.  The work is good.  I met a man that apparently wrote around 30 Metallica songs.  He taught us the importance of rock music intertwined with the gospel to the point where you feel the spirit hit you like a bowling ball.  His hair flowed like Samson & his words followed with the same inspiration.  Yesterday we had an Easter feast fit for a king.  The ward mission leader and his wife gave us ham, green beans, the world’s best Mac and cheese + Cadbury eggs to make a feast in our apartment and we did so.  Then after this delicious meal a young Russian single adult wanted to teach us why our church is false.  But no bible bashing could quelch our Easter spirits.  Hope you all enjoyed your Easter experiences and hope this upcoming week is even better.  And yes, the Mac and cheese we had really was the world’s best, because the box it came in even said so. 

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