Monday, March 21, 2016


This week we have been using a squatch call that was graciously given to me by a good friend to cry out for the beast to no avail.  But we have been getting some squatchy vibes lately.  I will tell you what, serving in Vancouver is the best place to serve.  This week we had the coolest miracle.  I went on exchanges with Elder Jones, one of my favorites, and we decided to pray over a list of people to see.  I was secretly wishing and hoping that he would not select a few particular names, due to the distance we would have to travel to find them.  Well, you can guess which names he chose!  The ones farthest away!  BUT WE HAD PRAYED so I knew we must go.  We showed up at the post office?  Hoping for a miracle, we walked in and asked for the young single adult we were looking for.  No one knew of him.  Dang... We called him outside in the car, and no answer.  OKAY here is where it gets cool… three or four hours later we get a text from the man we were looking for.   He asked us if we had dinner that night or any lessons soon that he could come to. When we met him, he told us how he had been less active for about 2 years now, after returning home from his mission, and when he received a call from us he decided it was the time to return.  He came to a lesson with us the next day and took us out to Killer Burger after for some delicious grub.  Then he came to church the following Sunday.  The Lord is good!  Killer Burger is good too!  Other than tha,t the YSA has been really dramatic lately.  We have had about 3 or 4 breakups causing the missionary work to take a HIT.  Everyone brings their boyfriends and girlfriends to investigate the church and they keep breaking up.  The really solid members keep getting married and are no longer in our YSA ward.  I suppose we should just be happy for the love birds.   I guess this week I hit my halfway mark in the mission so I burnt a shirt in a parking lot late in the evening.  I attached a video below of the pyrotechnics, hopefully you enjoy.  A year really does fly by especially when you get to drive a Chevy Cruze, eat at fine restaurants like Costa Vida and Red Lobster and meet the local Portland / Vancouver people each day.  Not too much more to report because I am going to eat Cadbury eggs (thanks to my grandma) and play some basketball.  Also, thanks to my parents for sending me an authentic Gryffindor Harry Potter original tie from Disney World.  Have a great week and a great Easter and please eat some peeps and think of the Savior.  I tried to share the gospel with the family that owned the fast Mercedez Benz in the picture and they denied so I thought it sufficient to preach to the very car itself.  Probably had more luck with the car. Also, Squatchin at zone conference attached below.
Preaching to cars in Vancouver

Squatchin at zone conference with Elder Sanders-Smith

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