Monday, March 7, 2016

Vancouver Victory

The Vancouver Zone
What a swell first week in Vancouver it has been.  My new companion, Elder Sander-Smith is awesome he has traveled to 26 different countries and knows just about everything about Marvel comics you could ever know.  Along with teaching young single adults this week, we have been debating who would win between a duel with Iron man & Captain America.  I think Iron Man would win.  Okay, not much time to write this week but I wanted to update on a couple stories.  Really cool thing happened just a day after we arrived here.  We went looking for an investigator named Turner.  We caught him home on his only day off and we talked to him for a good while & sat down for a little lesson.  We started teaching about baptism and invited him to pray on the spot for confirmation if he should be baptized.  We knelt down to pray and after his prayer our hearts were feeling like hot air balloons.  We invited him to baptism and he accepted for the 9th of April.  A good start to the new transfer!  Elder Sander-Smith has an injured lumbar.  We have been taking it a little easy on his back with periodic visits to the church to relax his lumbar for a few moments each day.  I tell him that he needs to stop loafing around when he lays down to chill out his lumbar!  I sent a picture of the new zone here in Vancouver.  We had a zone breakfast with many pancakes and many spiritual thoughts from stake presidency members.  This new zone is awesome.  I only know two of the missionaries here from my past areas.  I am quickly making some NEW FRIENDS.  We also taught a lesson to an investigator under the influence of some hallucinogen.  He opened the BOM to Ether & told us "I love the book of Hebrews here in the Mormon Bible.”   It was one of those lessons where my tongue was just about bitten off because I wanted to laugh out loud so badly.  Update:  I drank Diet Pepsi this week again. & had Thai food for the first time.  There is a Costa Vida located in Vancouver, which is awesome and I bought some Willy Wonka glasses.  Oh, and remember…THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

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