Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Delights

Thanksgiving dinner with the Davis family

A grand week yet again in Castle Rock.  The Castle Rock ward delivered big time to delight the missionaries serving here.  We started off the day by rendering some service to Sister King.  In hopes that we would work some of the grub off that would soon be consuming.  After an hour of wood hacking we left Sister King to travel and see Sister Bradley who had prepared some Thanksgiving Wild Cherry Pepsi for us.  Sister Bradley accidentally made ham a day early and got upset about forgetting which day Thanksgiving was... Therefore, she cancelled her Thanksgiving day plans.  Luckily we were there to succor her distress from the cooking of ham a day too early. The visit to Sister Bradley concluded and we were off to prepare dinner at the Davis home.  Tamales galore!  The Davis family took their Thanksgiving holiday and invited us over to grub out and play card games... for this I could not be any more grateful.  Wanderers in a strange land and we are provided for each day.  Cared for on special holidays.  One of the best days of my mission thus far.  The week was filled with good service.  Service and member visits seem to be more fruitful than tracting.  Once it gets dark around 5 the native WARSHINGTONIANS assume it is very late in the evening.  Tracting past 6:30 is like tracting when the Seahawks are playing.  You just don't do it.  Brother Hillesland’s wife again fed us after doing service.  Her Vietnamese noodles seem to always hit the spot.  Wish I knew what she was saying when she talks though...  My kind legal guardians sent us a Christmas tree to spice up the shindig we live in.  The aroma of vanilla fills the room and the light of a Christmas tree lights it up. We have been sipping much cocoa and nog by the heaters.  A little too much.  The nog may be making us slightly intoxicated.  A quick little miracle I would like to share.  We tracted Camleot Drive the other day and found 3 or 4 potential investigators.  Just those nice people that tell you to come back in a week because they don't want to talk to you on the doorstep in the cold.  We take them up on it though and we went back to Camelot Kingdom a week later.  We caught Brandy outside.  We talked for about 25 minutes in the cold weather about the restoration and the purpose of life.  Brandy was willing to offer the closing prayer out in the cold and told Heavenly Father that she really needed to hear the message we shared today as tears fell down her face!  A really great experience all due to looking at a list of former investigators, praying and showing up at Camelot Drive to tract it out.  Miracles never cease!  Just look, pray and ask for them.  Good week as usual.  Setting up for the festival of nativities down here which occurs every year in Longview.  Huge event for the community and we have the GREAT opportunity of setting up and heaving many large pieces of scenery to increase the size of our muscles.  CHRISTMAS MUSIC IS ON THE MIC!  Scotty Mcreery Christmas album is real good.  I would recommend purchasing it.  Included at the bottom is a posterity picture.  My grandpa (who trained my trainer) my son (who I trained) and my grandson (who my son trained). 
Posterity Pic!

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