Monday, November 9, 2015

Freezer Antics and Craft Night

This past week was awesome.  The 3 elders that I live with make it even better.  All week we have been putting one another's stuff in the freezer every second we get.  When I came home from tracting the other day my shoes, hats, pens, pencils and lamp were all in the freezer. Even the pumpkin I put Darth Vader arms and a head into ended up in the freezer.  Along with that my parents sent me a rodent-like stuffed animal for Halloween that is very life-like and somewhat scary.  It ends up in random places throughout the apartment.  Elder Brown hopped in the shower and reached for his shampoo... only to find a rodent-type creature instead.  Elder Lloyd just arrived in WA this transfer and is waiting for his visa to Sweden.  We went on exchanges this week.  The frigid air moved in that very morning.  We knocked doors with no success for most of the morn.  BUT we knew something good must be coming.  After a seemingly incredibly awkward dinner we gathered ourselves with a medium chocolate cone from C&L Burger and our spirits were ignited.  After a prayer asking for inspiration we felt prompted to tract Front Rd in downtown Castle Rock.  The first three doors smelled like weed.  One home even expressed to us how the weed they had just smoked was approved in the bible.  BUT we knew we were there for a reason. We continued on and Rhonda opened the door and invited us in without hesitation.  Rhonda is studying to get her masters in psychology. She is only in Castle Rock periodically because her home is in eastern Washington.   She accepted the Plan of Salvation, a Book of Mormon and a return appointment.  No weed smoked in her apartment.  Elder Furlow and I attended the Relief Society craft night to mooch food for the evening. Our favorite investigator family attended the craft evening too.  The Castle Rock ward is amazing.  All these great saints treat us like gold.  I sent a picture of Elder Furlow & I.  I swear we didn't make any crafts!  A few weeks ago we knocked on Gayle's door late in the evening.  Gayle recently moved here from Alaska but wanted us to come back and sit down for a study session.  We showed up just yesterday evening to hopefully convert her with some good gospel teaching.  She answered the door with a confused face and began to tell us she thought it was 8 AM!  She did her best to wake up.  We sat down and taught the restoration.  Gayle wants to be baptized now!  No weed in this home either.  The bishop in the Castle Rock ward served in the Air Force.  This means  we converse about WWII over dinner often.  The Ward Mission Leader read Lord of the Rings 6 times before I arrived.  This sparked another great dinner conversation.  It was yesterday eating dinner with the Ward Mission leader and the Bishop I felt most definitely I was called to the Washington Vancouver mission for a specific reason. I hope and pray when I get home someone will have a list of the good WWII movies that  I need to see.  Always a good time in Castle Rock!  On a random note,  many local gas stations look like haunted houses.  Elder Furlow goes to the bathroom more than any companion I have ever had.  We are getting to know these haunted-house gas stations very well.
Elders King and Furlow at R.S. Craft Night!

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