Monday, November 23, 2015

Vietnamese Noodles and Ward Choir

Another week has yet gone by in the Castle Rock area and I most likely could not love serving a mission any more than I do now.  But I say that every day.  A few miracles happened this week with a few rough patches as well.  The rain and 40 degree weather put a damper on door knocking this week.  We were feeling bold again and tired of sitting in the car all so we went out to knock a few doors and looked like we jumped in the Colombia river in about 30 seconds.  You would think the good people of Washington would react much kinder / sympathetic in the pouring rain.... But these folks don't seem to care in the slightest.  All the missionaries say the more you tract in the rain the better your life will turn out to be.   I'm hoping to score a Lord of the Rings pinball machine at this rate.  Got to do some serious service this week moving lumber and moving furniture.  Someone in the ward moved and one of our investigators had us over to move some lumber.  After the heavy heaving his wife Yun fed us some very authentic Vietnamese noodles to quote "chow" on.  Noodles with thanksgiving turkey in the middle is actually delicious.  I just wish I could understand at least one word she was saying to me!  Just yesterday we participated in the ward choir and were called upon to give short talks because the original speaker cancelled.  Following the ward choir performance which was greatly enhanced due to our attendance we bore testimony.  My companion hasn't been this happy in the 4 weeks I have been with him.  I am certain it was because he was finally the center of attention.  The Castle Rock ward is amazing. We had 3 investigators show up to church whom we weren't expecting.  While we sat up behind the pulpit due to choir... We almost started fist pumping and yelling when one of our investigating families walked in.  We haven't heard from them in two weeks.  The in-laws moved in and said they aren't comfortable having us over.  THIS DIDN'T SEEM TO STOP THEM.  They said we will just go out to eat now :)  After church we weren't sure what to do... Therefore, we prayed.  WE felt the need to go check on a single sister in the ward.  We pulled in and gandered upon a no trespassing sign with details of a few of the amendments... I definitely did not want to enter the premesis but luckily Elder Furlow was courageous.  He said we better just go in.  Well, this lovely sister had recently remarried and her husband is not a member of the church.  He happened to be studying Genesis in the bible and had many questions.  Elder Furlow studied Genesis this very week.  God doesn't do random.  I am very happy to say on Thanksgiving we will be scarfing with one of the best families in the Castle Rock ward.  The Davis family converses with us about larping and playing the harp.  We will be dining on Tamales and pumpkin pie. Always a great week.   Always miracles.  Took a few pics of the endeavors this week.  Camelot definitely wasn't a
castle.  It was the exact opposite.
Elder King and Elder Furlow

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