Monday, December 7, 2015

Glad Tidings and Stuff

Elder King at the annual Longview Nativity Festival!
Christmas has indeed come around and we have been feeling that special Christmas spirit even out here in Castle Rock.  Although the knocking of doors seems to be a little crabby in the cold and rain, the egg nog tastes just as good.  The festival of nativities for the Longview stake occurred this weekend!  Travelers from lands far round about showed up to witness the birth of Christ in ceramic fashion.  A few of our investigators made it down to this festival and when that happens we are allowed to go through ourselves!  In the middle of this nativity festival we found the sword of Frodo hidden amongst the sets. WE ALSO came across the sword of Aragorn.  (pic is proof!   I'm not lying I swear!)  A few GREAT THINGS happened this week coupled with a few BITTER SWEET things.  I shall start with the GREAT.  On Tuesday this week we went to teach one of our investigators named Jeff about obedience and baptism.  But, Jeff wasn't ready for baptism in our common-sense minds, after we prayed about what to teach baptism just popped into our heads.  We felt good about the 9th of January as his day to enter the waters.  During the lesson we really had to pay attention to the spirit prompting us for the invitation to be baptized.  Jeff expressed his feelings about needing further assurance from the Holy Spirit... when he suddenly said "he was feeling the spirit and the love of God at this very moment"  BAM! INVITED to be baptized and accepted.  Jeff even came to a baptism the next day to check out the procedures and so forth.  The spirit will never lie!  It will only testify of truth.  During our weekly planning session we were apparently ready to branch out for some fancier food.  The usual fast-food or oatmeal packets weren't going to cut it.  The local sushi joint seemed to be the popular vote.  Most of us have barely eaten sushi before... & we decided to get 4 different rolls, then share one with another.  After having the best meal of our lives the kindest lady in the world decided to pay for all of our food!  She specifically told the waitress to tell us "happy holidays the bill is covered" (definitely not revealing her location)  well, the waitress walked right up to us and said "the lady on table 1 wants to pay for your food!”  Luckily we got to thank her personally.  Free Sushi and a full stomach/heart.  Picture attached below.  Elder Lloyd (the elder waiting for his visa that has been living with us) left to Sweden just yesterday night and it sorta.. Really.. Sucked! He is an awesome missionary and really made me laugh.  He also taught us a plethora of words to say in Swedish that you just really shouldn't say to anyone at all. We had a Christmas celebration / exchanging of gifts right before he left.  We opened selfie sticks, dog treats, books about motherhood, Star Wars trading cards and the Barbara Streisand Christmas album.  The festivities around here are getting wild.  Also,  BIG NEWS… I am getting transferred indeed! Transferred down to the adventurous lands of Portland.  I shall be serving as a zone leader over the Portland YSA ward.  Hoping to bring many young single adults into the fold of God.  I will be companions with my VERY own Grandfather (he trained my trainer!) Ricky Jewkes.  Pretty excited for a new adventure.  SAD to leave the good Castle Rock ward and my favorite elders whom I live with.  Although my companion teaches in his sleep quite often to wake me up it stinks to go.  Portland truly hasn't seen weird until I roam the streets.  Another great week.  Hope everything back home is swell as can be.  
Eating sushi with the companion!

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