Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Miracles

A photo of Elder King's Christmas haul this year!

The happy tidings of Christmas have truly spread throughout my whole body it seems.  The Christmas miracles POURED in like egg nog over and open fire.  Christmas Eve & Christmas Day spent with the Latter Day Saints felt like home.  The Acton family had us over for Christmas Eve dinner where we crafted Tamales for most of the evening.  We read the Christmas story to finish the night and sped home just in case our coal was being placed under the tree early.  BUT TO OUR SURPRISE SANTA DELIVERED IN FULL this year.  He brought 8 pairs of Star Wars socks, a "air Mormon" shirt, some serious sweets and a gift card to Taco Bell.   But let me tell you the cliche missionary favorite story of the day.  After our endeavors on Christmas Day having a swell afternoon with the senior missionary couple in our ward we drove home to change and we saw a man sitting alone by the bus stop on Christmas... We had to stop the Michael Buble for a moment and greet this man.  We brought a Christmas DVD & some other foods for him to check out and he replied "your presence here really is good enough for me" and with a smile and a laugh told us ”Merry Christmas and to stay safe”... That really warmed and tugged on the old heart strings as my companion & I were warm and cozy all day... And this humble man just wanted a visit from someone.  I think I have to give a weekly shoutout to my family back home.  They definitely are the best.  I mean sometimes I question my Dads sanity but I still love him :)  A little Sabbath Day miracle for you all... One of our investigators named Romeo dropped off the face of the earth for the past three weeks. In our first lesson we invited him to baptism for the 16th of January and he accepted!!!   However, no contact since that day :/ UNTIL YESTERDAY!!  We had our talks prepared for this particular Sunday and we're headed out the door to teach a lesson before sacrament and locked our keys in the apartment.... The keys to our car.  Therefore, we sat in the garage for 20 minutes until a ride showed up to take us to church.  Guess who showed up to sacrament in the middle of our talks? ROMEO!  He walked in after going to the wrong church and talking to another bishop.  He showed up at church with questions from his reading and inspiration from the Holy Ghost that his answer to the truthfulness of the church will be blunt!!  Well.. In class we were taught the LAW of chastity! Couldn't be more blunt than that. The spirit touched his heart and tears came down! He knew that was it!! He even mentioned he was nervous for his baptism!  Elder Jewkes & I have had a pretty great week.  We are learning again and again the importance of obedience. Occasionally we think we can slack off on the rules.  I’LL ADMIT IT.  Every now & again we think we can take some of the mission rules lightly.  Every time. It. Leads.To. Spiritual. Darkness. Or in other words... We lose revelation & the joy of The spirit.  The Lord gives us rules for protection! I have never felt so vulnerable in all my mission so far.  Keep all the commandments! They are for your well-being, your protection and will grant you more strength.  Not physical buff strength but spiritual gains.  One more Christmas week miracle.  I ate eggnog fudge. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas week.  The church is true.

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