Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Greetings From the Heart of Babylon

Christmas Card from the Elder's!

 Christmas is coming up and we took a Christmas picture by the Christmas tree to send "gay happy tidings" all around. The Springwater YSA Christmas program happened just yesterday and the amount of Christmas tidings was immense.  Everyone we meet seems to do their best to fill us with homemade sweets made right from the Celestial ovens.  The Christmas spirit in Portland is manifest by the various gentleman’s clubs / hookah lounges.  What a better way to spend the holidays?!  A major miracle happened this week which I must relay to you back home.  We searched for a man named Sax this week.  After an evening of searching with no luck we decided the address was faulty... The next evening we needed to grab some milk late at night & go to the bathroom so we went to the nearest Walmart.  We grabbed all of our items and headed to the checkout stand where we found a nice gentleman by the name of Sax checking people out :) yes this was the very man we were looking for who moved from France two months ago.  Sax was confused as to how we knew his last name but he was really excited to find us.  We went over for the new member lessons to find his non-member cousin ready to listen to all this Mormon jazz too.  Merry Christmas Miracle for Elder King & Elder Jewkes. This week we actually found two new investigators to invite to the waters of baptism.  Some real Christmas gifts coming in the form of baptisms this year.  Another great gift was attending the Portland temple this week.  On Friday we were allotted a temple trip at 10:30 AM.  The timing of this session was fantastic so I actually stayed awake during the session.  The whole zone was in attendance and after we had to grab a little grub at Olive Garden to finish the magical experience.   My companion Elder Jewkes was baptized Catholic when I went on.  HAHAHA! YES a member of the Catholic Church brought out the holy water and just laid it on him during a teaching appointment.  After being baptized he was presented with a gift of "glass goblets" the finest glass goblets in all the land.  But, soon after this Elder Jewkes was accused of being a serial killer from Chicago by the same man who just baptized him!   I am upset I missed this magical occurrence. I happen to be on exchanges in one of the only walking areas in all the mission!  My chicken legs feel like death today. What a lazy sack of missionary I am! I hope you all know Christmas in the mission field is a Christmas like no other.  Just the whole Christmas season is incredible teaching others why we have Christmas.  Listening to Michael Buble Christmas also is awesome... Don't get me wrong Momma King and Poppa King know how to deliver during Christmas time... But don't think missionaries are ever deprived out here. My goodness we are so blessed. Been drinking egg nog every night and telling everyone I see about the Savior of the world is pricelessssssss.  We just bought our gifts for the white elephant exchange and I have decided to go with a can of dog food!!! Lucky for my zone I am a great gift giver.  Merry merry Christmas and attached is a pic of our apartment’s Christmas card which some of the elect will be receiving back home.  LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU AND  MERRIEST of Christmases.

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