Monday, February 15, 2016

The Weekly Beef

Trying to avoid the camera...
Got the picture anyway!

Being a missionary is probably the greatest thing in the world.  I love it.  It's just one of those days where I am stoked to be a missionary (these seem to occur often).  This past week most definitely ROCKED my world.  We saw some amazing miracles, had a Valentine's Day feast date (with the two Elders we live with) good clarification right? We also had a really great broadcast from the brethren presiding over the NW region.  The best thing that happened was probably all of it.  Okay FIRST cool story.  We get a referral from church headquarters for a man named Chase.  We called Chase immediately and set up a return appointment for a few days later.  THEN the next day Elder Jewkes threw his coat in the washer to cleanse the stench... But neglected to remove the phone from his pocket.  The phone was demolished and we attempted to put it in rice overnight but that didn't work and the rice was flavored... So all we have now is a southern rice flavored broken phone.  All appointments were difficult to figure out especially Chase.  We used the church phone to confirm our appointment with him and he said "I will be there from 1-3". Nice timing right?! Well we had a lesson at 1:00 and went to that.  Great lesson and we thought we would just work around that area until dinner when we remembered we were supposed to meet Chase! We bolted down to the church hoping he hadn't left yet... And guess who was waiting for us talking to sister missionaries in the foyer?!  Yeeeeeeep!  CHASE!  He is now preparing to be baptized on March 12th! Things always work out. Elder Jewkes caught some sort of wuss-itis sickness this week and we went into the hospital for a while to get his diagnosis.  The poor fella worked his tail off all week while being sick.  No NyQuil or DayQuil could cure this disease.  Not even sleep.  Other than that the week has been relatively busy due to meetings and reports.  I lost my Chapstick twice and felt much sorrow until I prayed and I figured I would find it and I did.  Which was quite a relief.  My consumption of flavored water has gone through the roof. I have been frying my eggs.  Life is good.  I love being a missionary. Things always seem to work out because Heavenly Father is always in charge.  Never forget that.  Valentine's was low key because we had a fine dining dinner of breakfast burritos and Tang flavored beverage accompanied by Oreos.  It was romantic as can be.  Then we went out to find a really cool guy named Victor who wants to investigate the church.  Friday was Abe Lincoln’s b-day so we celebrated it by heading out to Red Lobster.  What a great week :)

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