Monday, February 22, 2016

Temple Conundrums

Having dinner with President and Sister Ferrin

I shall begin by explaining the reasoning for this foolish subject title.  Elder Jewkes baptized a wonderful family back in his very first area and they entered the temple this past week to take out their endowments / get sealed for time and all eternity.  I joined the festivity along with a member of our ward who kindly escorted us to the temple.  This kind member possessed a V6 2001 Saturn Ion gold edition.  The wind was flowing through our veins as we zoomed on the freeway to the temple.  We arrived and I think I had one of the most spiritual experiences of all my life in the temple coupled with some of the greatest spiritual revelation I have ever received as well.  No words can really express the joy we felt as this family took their endowments out and was sealed for all time.  I could only imagine Elder Jewkes joy inside.  After the session I took pictures of everyone (and they wanted to take many) and we found the member that kindly drove us to the temple, only to find that his luxurious Saturn had broken down.  The car was not working.  We were stranded at the temple until a kind member of the ward came to pick us up.  Unfortunately, I left my I-Pad in his car and the temple parking lot is locked on Sunday & Monday.  YES I AM EMAILING ON A COMPUTER RIGHT NOW.  I feel so... old school.  
Another wonderful miracle happened this week I would like to tell you all about.  I embarked on exchanges with Elder Orr this past week in the Sunnyside ward.  We had a great day doing service at the storehouse & searching for the less active members of the ward.  BUT, the greatest event to happen was dinner being delayed for 30 minutes.  Why you may ask?  Well, during this time of postponing our stomachs being filled, Elder Orr decided to be the best missionary ever and follow the spirit to check upon one of his nearby investigators.  As we got out of the car a dog came sprinting at us (probably just to lick us) but in the dark of the night it freaked both of us out and we started to run as a man laughed at us.  We looked back and laughed for a second before continuing along our path... 5 seconds later we knew we had to go back and talk to this man.  Well, he is YSA age, a member of the church, going through an amazing conversion process and looking to come out to activities.  The rain stopped right as we approached him the timing was perfect.  He even looked past our pansy attitudes at running away from his dog.  
We had interviews with President Ferrin this week which was also awesome.  They wanted to go out to dinner with us after at the Olive Garden.  Another really swell week with fancy Italian food filling my soul.  That’s about all I want to type this week because this keyboard is really irritating my fingers.  I hope you all have the swellest week.  -Elder King

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