Monday, January 11, 2016

Portland Magic

The baptism of TJ and Tamarind Steele.

I will keep this email brief because we are about to go ice skating at the Lloyd Center as a zone.  BUT, another incredible week to be a missionary.  I have never been so chastened by the Lord which I am SO grateful for.  I am learning how to be LEVELED in my pride.  Definitely a stumbling block of Elder King.  The transfer is almost over... I can't really explain my feelings.  It was the fastest transfer of my mission.  I always thought being too busy would suck... But it's the best.  Okay here's the great story of the week!  Back in the wilderness of Castle Rock I struggled to come in contact with the Steele family. They moved into the ward in March and a few missionaries tried to contact because sister Steele is a member however, TJ Steele (the husband) is not a member.  Nor is Tamarind, the daughter in the family.  I drove the Chevy Cruze many a times to the Steele household in an attempt to contact them with NO results.  One day my fuse was apparently thin and I whipped out the phone in frustration to call the Steele family and maybe leave them a message... When Sister Steele answered!   And invited us over for dinner the next week.  Shortly after Brother Steele read half of the BOM and wanted to be baptized along with Tamarind.  This AWESOME family fed us each week after this.  They filled our stomachs with homemade egg nog ice cream, gourmet Mexican dishes, Darigold chocolate milk and PURE JOY.  I will never forget the Steele family and I had the privilege of returning to Castle Rock this week to baptize TJ.  It was really great besides the fact that the water in the font felt it came straight from the continent of Antarctica!  I really love being a missionary.  Another great thing that happened this week was a few of my investigators told me they loved my new CTR ring.  THIS is no ordinary CTR ring - it has the letters CTR engraved in the Elvish language and a silhouette depiction of the fellowship of the ring walking in a line. It has been a great asset to the work of the Lord (favorite Christmas gift from the family!).  I don't know many things that I love more than being a missionary.  I love doing this work.  Our investigator Romeo has made incredible commitments to enter into the waters of baptism this upcoming week.  Bobby, another investigator, has also made incredible strides and commitments to keep the laws of God.  I decided I would join them in this streak of commitment-keeping.  I did something I may regret later in life. I may even regret this today, tomorrow and each day after.  I, Elder Braden King, committed to never drinking Diet Coke & Diet Pepsi for the rest of my days.  (Hoping they offer it in the Spirit World though!).  I signed it on a napkin in the "Kings Chinese buffet" after 4 Diet Cokes... Life has been not really any different, except I don't feel a carbonated fizz in my tummy.  Also, I have no more caffeine highs.  ANYWAY, wish me the best of luck.  I would encourage everyone to watch the YSA devotional that was given just yesterday.  It was really insightful.  Elder Nelson has a way with words.  FYI:  President Taylor had a heart attack this last week.  He was rushed to the hospital.  He survived and he went in surgery today for a triple by-pass.  His doctors give him a great prognosis to have a better quality of life after the surgery.  He is hoping he will be able to finish out  the remaining months  as mission president this year.  Thanks to all for the prayers that were sent his way.

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