Monday, January 25, 2016

Portland Foolery

The Missionary Broadcast at the Portland Stake Center.
It's been just one of those weeks where we ask "what the heck are we doing here?" And then the next second start thanking the Lord above in awe at the success and love we feel.  We were identified by a fellow Portland pedestrian as "archangels". Which definitely made us feel pretty important! However, he claimed to be Michael the archangel himself and shortly after endowed us with power from the heavens above.  He claimed "it was good to find some angelic brethren of mine in this town, I thought I was the only one".  He accepted a BOM shortly after and hopefully we will meet up to have angelic counsel once again.  Another great occurrence this week was the incident with a man named Surge. We were street contacting around Surges home and he came out to talk with us.  He smelt slightly of liquor but he held a conversation with us about the LDS church.  His neighbor, Liz, came out to talk with us as well.  Surge then began to urinate during our conversation and enticed Liz to do the same.  He started singing "let it gooooo, let it goooooo" & we lost it at that point. We simply walked away laughing our heads off.  Okay, here's a really spiritual story actually we were stoked about this on Sunday morning. Romeo, our FAVORITE Portland pedestrian has been under the radar for quite some time.  We lost contact with him a couple weeks ago after his baptismal interview. We felt that we should call him Sunday morning before church & HE FINALLY REPLIED!  He has been going through some difficulties for a little lately, but still wants to hear the gospel.  He still wants to meet with us.  Then 4 investigators showed up to church.  One of those investigators we had lost contact with for a couple weeks as well.  His phone died... We were stressing wondering where this man could be.  He just showed up at church as if nothing had changed and was still excited for his baptismal date on the 5th of Feb.  Another exciting occurrence was the worldwide missionary broadcast. The brethren assembled the dream team to instruct us on missionary skills / doctrine.  We all gathered in the Stake Center for some uplifting thoughts from the brethren.  A picture will be attached below.  A little shorter email this week but I can't seem to remember all things and I am just thinking about playing basketball right now so...Hope you all have an awesome week.

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