Monday, July 6, 2015

Welcome to Washougal!

Elder King and Elder Johanson admiring the Mission Pres' car

HAPPY 4TH of July to everyone in the lands round about.  I hope you pondered about life, freedom, cheeseburgers, coca cola & McDonalds this 4th of July.  My wishes are that nobody lit any homes on fire or firecrackers in any mailboxes.  A missionaries 4th of July is a special day.... because our curfew gets extended UNTIL 11.   It was wild, I tell ya.  We were sitting on an overlook of luxurious downtown
Washougal until 10:30 & our wild side was just coming out throwing snaps every which direction.  You would have thought it was Christmas morn.  We actually had a great week besides all the 4th of July foolery.  One of the members of the mission presidency lives in our area and wanted to take us out to lunch and give us some words of advice about this area.  So, we ate some burgers and oreo shakes and became enlightened.  I gain more and more a testimony of modern day prophets and the power of the priesthood as I listen to the mission presidency here in the WVM.  These men truly are inspired of God.  Tuesday
morning we had a trainer/trainee meeting which lasted the majority of the day.  During which my allergies went crazy.  My head felt similar to a bottle of Pepsi that had rolled down Mt St Helens.  All the rest of the day we attempted to contact people and at the end of the day we felt very discouraged because basically nobody was home.  We felt like we HAD to go across the street and knock on this humble little abode.  As we did, a woman opened the door who explained she had been talking about "Mormons" for most of the morning and it is funny that we show up at her house now. I certainly believe Heavenly Father is not only converting many others out here in the world, but he is converting his missionaries every step of the way also.  Thursday we had a lunch lesson with Brother Cox @ Taco Bell.  Just a win-win situation there.... the spirit is unrestrained within the walls of Taco Bell.  After this, we began to knock doors and to find the elect.  When 8:55 rolled around we were spent... but this last house just looked too good to pass... SO WE KNOCKED.  Found a new investigator after a long & engaging conversation about life. Church has been changed to 8:00 AM over here in Washougal so we rise early on Sundays... after we stayed up late on the 4th.... not the best idea we ever had.  But this week has been really excellent.  The work is really moving along here in Washougal & I see the Lord’s hand in every aspect.  This is his work.  He is so present in my life I sometimes can't believe it.  He even gives me the strength to fast all day until dinner @ 6:30.... which is difficult.  I gotta get some grub in me or else I get grumpy.  I love you all.  Merry independence day.

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