Monday, July 13, 2015

Washougal Wonderland

East Vancouver Stake missionaries hiking to Ape Caves

Greetings from Washougal WA!  This last week has been an excellent one.  We even put someone on date for baptism.  Taylor Howard will be entering the waters of the straight and narrow on August 29th.  We taught a lesson to 16 people at once.  We disobeyed traffic rules.  Someone vomited on our car & we had another lunch outing with one of the mission presidency.  Let’s start with the best and most spiritual story first... We had a lesson with the Schubaugh brothers on the priesthood and it was just great.  Real nice, spiritual, even a little tears were shed.  SO, YOU KNOW... we are feeling GREAT walking out to the car to conclude the evening.  I opened the door to my car while pondering upon the things that happened in the lesson, but it smells rather gross.  Someone decided to vomit on the car windshield while we were attempting to bring others close to Christ.  What fools.  Not much time to email today because we got to hike to Ape Caves today.  Pretty awesome!

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